UW-O Access Campus Students Have Testing Opportunities On Campus This Spring

Students who attend the two-year access campuses of UW-Oshkosh will have COVID-19 testing opportunities available to them on campus when they return for spring semester. UW-O Chancellor Andrew Leavitt tells KFIZ News that testing for students on the Fond du Lac campus was previously done through partnerships with the county health department and Agnesian/SSM Health.   

“We listened to requests from our faculty, staff and students on the Fond du Lac campus and just for convenience sake, we’re going to be able to offer mobile testing on that campus for those individuals on a weekly basis so that they can conform with the requirements that we have for the entire university of the frequency of testing.”

Since testing began September 2nd, the Fond du Lac campus has reported 17 total positive tests for COVID-19, with the Fox Cities campus reporting 22 positives.