UW-Oshkosh Chancellor Talks Positive on Restructuring

The chancellor of UW-Oshkosh and dean of UW-Fox Valley and Fond du Lac teamed up to give a presentation about the ongoing restructuring of the UW-System at the Fond du Lac County Board meeting this week. Chancellor Andrew Leavitt says he is “very supportive and very enthusiastic about the restructuring, I
think we’ve done great work on all of the campuses. I think that you will find
great support from faculty, staff, and students on all three campuses for this
merging. We’re going to create something that is well beyond the sum of its
parts. So with that, we’re very bullish on this.”

Leavitt tells us that over time, there will be significant positive change at the smaller campuses in the area, and “in time what those students will experience are a greater number of student
services, so that we can help support them better in their academic endeavors.
And eventually we’ll be able to roll certain bacheloriate and masters programs
into Fond du Lac, so it would be possible for a
student in a certain program to start at the Fond du Lac campus and complete there as

But for those aiming to move on to a larger campus after spending a few years in Fond du Lac, he says the goal “is to make transfer, or what we’re going to call transitions easier for students coming from the Fond du Lac or Fox Valley campus, those students who choose to go to Oshkosh. It’s worthy to note that any student from either Fond du Lac or Fox Valley can go to any UW or any other institution”.

Leavitt adds that he has accepted a suggestion from a student-lead committee that keeps the current names of UW-Fond du Lac and Fox Valley – adding the line “a campus of UW-Oshkosh”. The possibility of a new name for UW-Oshkosh is still being considered.