UW-Oshkosh Student From Waupun Receives All-Terrain Wheelchair

 Abby Lane was attending college in Michigan back in 2015, when she was injured in an automobile accident, and left her a paraplegic. At the time, she was a resident of Wisconsin, attending college in Michigan, which meant she didn’t qualify for “no-fault” insurance coverage granted by the state of Michigan.

That meant Abby’s family had to pay for all the medical bills themselves.

While at a County Fair in Sheboygan in 2016, Lane was able to “test drive” an Action Trackchair, used on terrain that normal wheel chairs aren’t usually able to navigate. But despite numerous fund raising attempts, Abby was never able to afford the chair. That all changed Thursday(12/30/2021).

With the help of the Action Mobility Foundation, based in Minnesota, TSS Equipment provided Lane with her own chair.