UW Selects New Regional Dean From UW-Fox Valley

University of Wisconsin officials have made their decision and current UW-Fox Valley CEO and Dean Martin Rudd will be the Northeastern Regional Executive Officer and Dean starting January 1st. He will oversee the UW-Fond du Lac, UW-Fox Valley and UW-Manitowoc. Current UW-Fond du Lac Dean John Short (pictured) says he still has a shot at a teaching position in the UW-System, but that may not be in Fond du Lac. He says he will help with the transition and he’s tenured in political science so he will be working with the UW-system on a new teaching position. Short says he will look at other opportunities as well and that may be “almost anywhere in the country.” His role as UW-Fond du Lac Dean will end on December 31st.

UW Press Release.