UW-System Sees COVID-19 Challenges Early, Quarantine At UW-EC

Almost 200 students are being quarantined for the next two weeks. UW-Eau Claire made the announcement, saying 69 students have tested positive for COVID-19, with 17 of them living on campus. According to the University, several of the students had been around students from other dorms, so the University has now put a total of six dorms under quarantine.

A new coronavirus order, for students at UW-Madison. With more than 32,000 undergraduates on the Madison campus this semester, and new cases increasing for five straight days, Chancellor Rebecca Blank on Monday ordered all undergraduates to restrict movements and  limit in-person interactions to a handful of essential activities for the next two weeks. Blank raised the possibility of closing down campus if UW is unable to “flatten the curve” of new infections. On-campus test results for Sunday alone showed 148 students and one employee tested positive, with 111 of those positive cases among students living off-campus.