UW Systems President Proposes UW Colleges Merger

Plans were announced Wednesday to restructure the current UW Colleges and UW Extension System. The 13 two-year campuses would merge with the four-year UW Institutions and the Extension System would be assigned to the UW-Madison and UW System Administration. The UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Fox Valley would link up with the UW-Oshkosh system. Northeast Regional Executive Officer and Dean Martin Rudd says under the restructuring they would work on opportunities to reduce barriers to transfer credits in the UW system and offer more higher level courses at the Fond du Lac and Fox Valley campuses. He says this is about offering students more opportunities and not about eliminating jobs. Rudd points out it that it is too early in the process to know how the UW-Fond du Lac might be rebranded, but the UW Colleges would cease to exist next July 1st under the current proposal from UW System President Ray Cross. There is still a commitment from Fond du Lac County and the UW System to continue to have a UW presence in Fond du Lac. Rudd emphasizes the UW is also committed to maintaining affordability by keeping the current tuition levels in place in Fond du Lac. The proposal goes before the Board of Regents next month.

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