Vaccinations Important for Back-to-School

The beginning of August means
its time to remind parents about the need to have their children vaccinated
before they go back to school. Fond
du Lac

Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says kids start getting the vaccines when
they’re young and they continue through their school career. She says there are
14 school age vaccines that a child needs that start around 6 months all the
way up through college age and its important to get those vaccines at the right
time.  Mueller says that getting those
vaccines is important to keep everyone healthy, because there a number of
diseases that are very preventable through proper vaccination. She says a child
is less likely to get one of those diseases if they are up to date on
vaccines.  If you’re not sure if your
child is up to date with their vaccines, Mueller suggests to call your health
care provider to find out, or you can call the health department  at 929-3085.