Van Dyne Woman Involved In Shoplifting And Slow Speed Chase

A 64-year-old Van Dyne woman is facing retail theft and eluding charges after a shoplifting incident at the Walmart in Fond du Lac. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says it happened shortly before three Wednesday afternoon. The woman was seen stealing things at the store and forced her way past an employee. When police officers arrived a slow-speed pursuit began. She drove around a squad car. The woman went up Rolling Meadows Drive headed east on Johnson Street and then drove through the Forest Mall parking lot to North Peters. Klein says when she got into North Fond du Lac the pursuit was cut off. But police had her license plate number and she was later picked up at her residence in Van Dyne on shoplifting and eluding charges. He says investigators are doing some follow up to see whether medical or mental issues may have contributed to the incident.