Vandals Hit Fireman’s Park For Third Time, Confess

Fireman’s Park in Campbellsport was vandalized for a third time this year, this time in the woman’s bathroom.

But unlike the previous incidents, responsibility for the vandalism has been accepted.

A number of Parents and children confessed to local authorities regarding the vandalism.

In a social media post issued Thursday (5/19/2022), the Campbellsport Police Department said many tips were given, followed by parents bringing their children in and advising the Department that they had been involved in the vandalism.

The post said the vandalism was “mostly cosmetic and did not involve physical damage.”

Police Chief Dornbrook and Fire Chief Olson are expected to meet with the families to discuss appropriate action for those involved.

The Campbellsport Police Department also stated “the children have shown remorse for their actions in vandalizing bathrooms at the park.”

Police and fire officials made the decision to lock the bathrooms at all times, with the exception of rentals for events.

“The community and department has been working hard this year to make improvements to the park and we have to deal with this time and time again. Some people have absolutely no consideration for property. It is a shame that this type of behavior is occurring in the village,” reads a post on the Campbellsport Fire Department Facebook page.