Voices for Better Choices Event Set for Tuesday Night

An event promoting change is coming to Fond du Lac this week. Voices for Better
Choices is bringing the stories of many people who are working to bring
themselves back from choices that led to problems like drug and alcohol habits.
Organizer Charlene Rose says she went down a dark path after her brother’s
death, but she made a choice for a better life.  She says it’s her goal to now
help other people, saying “that’s my aim, is that I’ve been down but I get back
up. And I want others to know that they can do the same.” There will be light
snacks starting at 6:15 P.M. Tuesday evening, with the event beginning at 7:00 P.M.
at the Holiday Inn. At 8:00 P.M., there will be a screening of a documentary featuring
Charlene’s story, called Only 16: Tragedy
of 2 Billys.