Voter Turnout Called “Slow and Steady” In Fond du Lac County

FDL County Clerk Lisa Freiberg called the turnout for Tuesday’s Primary Election “slow but steady”, and when the final votes were counted, it showed 9,467 ballots cast. 

Using registered voter numbers from 2018, that would mean about 19% of the County turned out on Tuesday. In the Justice of the Supreme Court Race, Justice Daniel Kelly and Dane County Circuit Court Judge Jill Karofsky easily outdistanced Marquette University Law Professor Ed Fallone. Kelly picked up nearly 65% of the votes in the county, garnering 6,158 votes to Karofsky’s 2,395. 

Statewide, Kelly grabbed 352,860 votes, while Karofsky picked up 261,721. Kelly and Karofsky will now square off in the April 7th general election. The winner will secure a 10-year term on the high court. 

It won’t be easy for Kelly, as the April 7th date is also the same day as Wisconsin’s presidential primary, and a high Democratic turnout is expected.