Voter Turnout High In County, 3 More Elections Set In State

Voter turnout for the most recent spring election topped 47% in FDL County, according to FDL County Clerk Lisa Freiberg. According to Freiberg, there were a total of 26,460 ballots cast in the April 7 election. And while the election is finally over, and the ballots have been tallied up, there’s no real chance to breathe. Freiberg says they now focus their attention on two more upcoming elections. 

The first will be the August 11 Partisan Primary, followed by the November 3rd General Election to decide the President and Vice President. With the most recent election thrown into a state of chaos due to COVID-19, and many elected officials calling for 100% mail-in voting, it will be an interesting time coming up in the state of Wisconsin.