Voters Approve Referendum In Oakfield, Say No In Rosendale-Brandon

One area school district will move forward on expansion, while another school district will need to go back to the drawing board.

Voters in the Oakfield School District approved, on a vote of 449-361, a nearly $16 million referendum that would include secure entries at both schools; addition of a private health room at both schools; improvements to sidewalks, entries and restrooms for the disabled; and also includes locating a Fitness Center to the Middle/High School building with a secure entrance.

Also included in the improvements would be additional classrooms at the Middle School for large and group learning, along with improving technology access.

A number of repairs and remodeling will also occur as a result of voter approval Tuesday night, including mechanical systems upgrades at the Middle/High School, remodeling the cafeteria/commons, kitchen and receiving area, electrical and lighting upgrades, along with relocating both the District Office and Middle/High School Offices to create a new, secure main entry.

Voters in The Rosendale-Brandon School District said No, 959-753, to a nearly $30 million referendum that would have included much-needed additions and renovations to current buildings within the District.

The plan would have reduced the number of buildings to operate and maintain from four to three, and would have placed grades 6 – 12 at Laconia and a 4K – 5 building in both Rosendale and Brandon.