Waldschmidt Announces Run For FDL County Sheriff

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt has been preparing for the next level throughout his law enforcement career and believes he’s ready to be the County’s next Sheriff. At 40-years-old he has spent half of his life working for the Sheriff’s Department. “When you look back I started when I was 20, which is also very young for a law enforcement officer these days to get hired at 20-years-old and if you go back even before that you know my first ride-a-long in a squad car was when I was 16 I really got interested in law enforcement as a Police Explorer with the Fond du Lac Police Department.” Waldschmidt says. He points out that throughout his career he has always thought about what he needed to do to get to the next level in his career and it has served him well. He has served in almost every division with the Sheriff’s Department got trained at the FBI Academy and FEMA Academy, and even went through the Leadership Fond du Lac program. “Through the course of my career I’ve been working hard not only at my job and in  the role that I was in, but also working hard to you know build that leadership experience and then ultimately that leads to trusted partnerships with  organizations with other law enforcement entities, private sector  throughout Fond du Lac.” Waldschmidt says he is running on the theme of “Leadership, Experience and Trust.”