Waldschmidt Officially Running for Sheriff

After submitting his nomination forms Tuesday morning, Captain Ryan Waldschmidt will be on the ballot for Fond du Lac County Sheriff. He will take on patrolman Mike Norton, who turned in his paperwork a few weeks ago.  Waldschmidt admits going door-to-door collecting signatures felt a bit strange. He says “for twenty years, every house you walk up to on a police-related call, you’re doing a threat assessment, you’re looking for vulnerabilities, you see the front door, the fourth amendment search and seizure, can’t cross the threshold. You know, all those things from the law enforcement mind when you walk up to a house. And now, you’re walking up to a house for a completely different reason. It’s been an interesting experience but a great experience.”

He also tells us that during his time working for the Sheriff’s Office, he has received a handful of promotions – but adds that “I didn’t get promoted every time, but when you get turned down for a
promotion, that’s an opportunity to figure out what you need to work on, what
you need to improve upon. Whether it’s more training or a different perspective
on things and you just work that much harder. It motivates you. When you get
turned down, it motivates you to come back stronger the next time and hopefully
be the stronger candidate the next time around.” Waldschmidt hopes that experience will help him in the upcoming election. 

The election is set for Tuesday, August 14th