Waldschmidt Talks on Approval of New Deputy Positions

The Fond du

Sheriff’s Office will have three new patrol deputy positions come January – but
the people filling those roles will not necessarily be on the roads every day.
Chief Deputy Ryan Waldschmidt says the positions were created as part of the
move to create a security checkpoint at the City/County Government Center.

Waldschmidt says “these are three people that are going to be assigned strictly to building security. So it’s an important note to make just because we don’t want to give the false impression that we’re increasing patrol size out on the road and on our highways and taking calls for service.”

He adds that “the
goal is to have two deputies at all times securing that station and securing
the building and providing security throughout all four floors of the
government center. And to do that you need three positions or three bodies to
fill two full time positions in that government center. So that was what those
three are going to be assigned for.”

The people filling those positions will be fully-trained patrol deputies that would be able to respond to an emergency situation if needed. 

Waldschmidt says having trained deputies in that position allows them to be “multi-purpose in the sense that we could send a couple of detectives over to
temporarily man that security station and maintain security in the government
center, and then pull those patrol deputies to send them on a major incident.
So that’s not going to be by any means the routine. Generally every day of the
week when you come into the government center, you’ll be greeted by uniformed
patrol deputies that are there screening people and securing the building.”

The three positions will officially be created on January 6th. The new hires will have to train and the checkpoint will need to be completely finished before the security checkpoint is operational.