Walker Tours Storm-Damaged Areas

Governor Scott Walker is touring the storm damage around Fond du Lac and Dodge counties today. After observing some damage and being briefed on what happened – Walker took questions about what kind of help is being provided. 

He tells us the state is sending some aid – but it’s not clear yet whether federal dollars will be sent in. Observing one property, Walker says “one side of the farm field is completely normal, the other side is flattened – it’s like someone took an iron and just wiped it all out. So there are different pots – there is FEMA money, which more often than not is directly for if we were to get declaration. And I say if, because it’s still a high bar.”

He adds that “it’s really based particularly for personal property – based on the
ability for people to inhabit their homes. So if someone has insurance,
thankfully for a lot of folks affected by tornadoes most insurers cover that.
So the best thing they can do is, besides reporting it to us, is call their
insurance company.”

Following the press conference, Walker went to Brownsville to check out the damage. He also expressed gratitude to all of the people and organizations that have been on scene offering help since the storm hit, saying “the part that goes from the heart-wrenching to the heart-warming is all
the people out willing to help. All these folks – and a lot of folks that don’t
even have a group they’re part of and just show up – and are helping out. You
see it here in Fond du Lac
, we’ve seen it in
counties all across the state – I’m sure I’ll see more of it today as we
travel. That there are neighbors willing to help out to make sure people get
back up on their feet again.”

At least eight tornadoes have been confirmed to have hit in Fond du Lac County.