Walker Wants One More Term

Governor Scott Walker feels there is more to do and that is why he is seeking a third term. Walker talked about his run for a third term with KFIZ News. He says when he first ran in 2010 it was because he and his wife Tonette were concerned about the future of the state and nation for their sons Matt and Alex. Now he says it is about making sure the reforms and positive things they’ve done will remain in place for future generations long after he is done being governor. During a stop at Brenner Tank in Fond du Lac this week Walker talked about his concerns over the opioid crisis. He feels it can only be tackled through a cooperative effort that includes clamping down on illegal drug sales and getting treatment for addicts so they can once again become productive members of society. He says there is no one simple answer that it will take a combination of things including education, treatment and how medications are prescribed. The Governor would also continue efforts to make government more effective and efficient.