Warming Shelter Needs People To Provide Meals

It’s been a busy winter for the Fond du Lac Salvation Army’s warming shelter. Connie Millard of the Salvation Army says they’ve been putting up about 25 to 30 people overnight in their shelter. The shelter operates through the end of the month. One thing the shelter has a need for is people who can provide them with meals for those who stay in the shelter. Millard says, “Now what we need though to get us through March 31st is we need people to go ahead, businesses, churches to help provide meals for our shelters.” She tells us it is a big challenge to provide meals for that many people, but it can also be rewarding if you meet with those who you are providing the meals for. She says, “The most important part is you have an opportunity here to do something that is wonderful and to connect with the clients. Come on down and help serve whatever it is that you provide. You have a chance to meet with them and to show them that you care.” To find out more call the Salvation Army at 923-8220.