Warning About Skimmers At Gas Pumps

The head of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s investigation division is warning residents to be on the look out for skimmers attached to ATMs or gas pumps where you can pay with a credit or debit card. Lieutenant Cameron McGee says skimmers have been turning up in the Fox Valley. He says, “There are some skimmers that are popping up at gas pumps. Basically what a skimmer is someone will go up and they will insert a device into a credit card scanner at a gas pump. And what that does is it copies your credit card and if you are putting a PIN number in it will get your name, your credit card and a PIN number.” He recommends using ATMs or gas pumps that get a high volume of traffic and have good security. He says, “What I’m saying is if you’re using ATMs and stuff, use them at a highly traveled, well-secured area. I mean there are some gas stations in the Fond du Lac that have excellent video they have excellent security and you wouldn’t have a problem with it.” Early this month a skimming device was found at an Oshkosh gas station.