Washington County Judge Temporarily Halts Placement Of Sex Offender On Nitschke Road

For the time being a violent Washington County sex offender won’t be placed at a Town of Eldorado residence. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says Washington County Judge Andrew Gonring Thursday afternoon temporarily halted the placement of 61-year-old Terry Olson at N8578 Nitschke Road and ordered the Department of Health Services to review the placements they originally looked at in Washington County. Toney says the court did that is because there was a question of whether or not the new ACT 156 of Chapter 980, which implements a 1500 foot rule, applies to Olson because of when he was granted supervised release. Three properties in Washington County were looked at for Olson’s placement. Toney says if one of those properties is available and the 1500 foot rule was a reason not to place there the court will then reconsider a Washington County placement. He says if a Washington County property isn’t used for placement the court will order Fond du Lac County as the County of intended placement and send out the appropriate notices to County officials, which wasn’t done before. A violent sex offender can’t be placed within 1500 feet of children, but the new law only applies to residences that share a property line with the placement.