Watch Out For IRS Scams

Fond du Lac Crime Prevention Officer Erik Foster warns people to watch out for tax scams as the deadline for filing income taxes draws nearer. Foster says if you get a phone call from someone saying they are with the IRS and you owe them money and need to send it to them, don’t believe it. He says the IRS never initiates contact over the phone, by text messages or e-mails. He says some scammers will go as far as sending you a link to a website that looks like the IRS website hoping you will give them personal information they can use to steal from you. He says if you do become a victim of someone who files a tax return in your name you need to file a form with the IRS which you can get through most tax prepares. He says if you do owe the IRS money they will send you notice through the mail and give you a chance to appeal it.