Watch Out for Shipping Scams as Christmas Grows Closer

Christmas is just over a week away, and if you’ve done any
online shopping this holiday season – you likely have had some packages sent to
your house, or have a few more that are still on the way.

While you wait for those last few gifts to arrive, Michelle
Reinen, director of the state’s Consumer Protection Bureau wants people to be aware
of a common shipping scam that you might find in your email inbox, asking you
to click a link to verify information so your package doesn’t get cancelled or


She says the emails “look like they are from FedEx, UPS, DHL
– any of the major shipping companies,” and “have poor grammar and spelling
errors, they lack specific information, they’re very vague in their contact
information and who they may be connecting you to or who the retailer was.”

Reinen explains the link in the email is a “phishing” link
and can take your personal information if you click it. She says if you are looking
to track a package – to use the link provided to you by the company when you
placed your order.