Water Clarity Diminishing

DNR officials say water clarity on Lake Winnebago has dropped about a foot since their last readings on January 30th. When readings were taken Wednesday the clarity had dropped from 10.3 feet on January 30th to 9.4 feet. But officials also say there appears to be more consistency within the readings.  Clarity is better along the east and north shores of Lake Winnebago, while poorer clarity is present off Oshkosh and to the south.  It’s likely that the runoff coming into the lake at the mouth of the Fox River is clouding the water off Oshkosh, where runoff is having less impact to the east and further north. DNR crews weren’t able to get to the Upriver Lakes, but clarity remains at 4 to 5 feet of visibility on average. Clarity is a key to the success of sturgeon spearers. The season starts on Saturday.