Waupun Man Gets 20 Year Sentence For Killing Grandmother

He was accused of killing his 75-year old grandmother back in August of 2019, and convicted of that crime at a jury trial back in May.

On Wednesday (7/20/2022), Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric J. Toney announced that Gregory Spittel had been sentenced to 20 years plus one year of consecutive jail, which includes a 13.5 year prison term and 7.5 years of extended supervision.

Spittel was originally charged with 2nd Degree Reckless Homicide, Disorderly Conduct, Battery/Threat to Law Enforcement, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Possession of Cocaine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

District Attorney Toney stated: “This is a devastating example of how drugs and alcohol destroy lives. The series of drug and alcohol fueled choices the defendant made led to him beating his grandmother to death in a drunken rage and leaving her to die in a pool of her blood for hours in his own basement. We continue to keep the family in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to mourn this immeasurable loss. Although this sentence feels inadequate, there is no sentence that can put bring the Victim back to her family and I am grateful that some measure of justice was achieved.”

The State recommended the maximum possible sentence of 20 years and 30 days of initial confinement and 13 years of extended.

This case was investigated by the Waupun Police Department with assistance from the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Fond du Lac Police Department, and Crime Lab Evidence Response Team and prosecuted by District Attorney Eric Toney.