Waupun Police Warn Of Utility Scams

Waupun Police say they have gotten reports of three types of utility scams. In a phone scam someone posing as an employee of Waupun Utilities demands payment and threatens to disconnect power if a bill isn’t paid. Another scam reported in other cities in the state involves a person posing as a utility worker trying to gain access to your home to commit burglary. A newer phone scam involves someone posing as a We Energies employee. They say they now handle disconnects for Waupun Utilities and they require payment or your service will be disconnected. If you have a question about your bill you should call Waupun Utilities at 920-324-7920. If someone approaches you in person and says they are with a utility ask to see identification. If they are with Waupun Utilities they would have an ID card. Police says never let someone into your home without verifying their story first.