Waupun School Budget

Waupun Schools Superintendent Tonya Gubin says if the Governor’s proposal for $200 in additional aid per student holds up the district will begin with a balanced budget this school year. She says she has fought for balanced budgets in her five years with the district and that has resulted in a lower tax rate for taxpayers. She says when she started the mill rate was more than $11 and they are down now to $9.90. She says the tax rates have gone down quite a bit in the school district. She says even with the passage of a $36 million referendum the tax rate will be about the same or lower because they are retiring a previous referendum’s debt. She says they have even increased staff over the past couple of years to try and lower class sizes and provide more math and reading intervention for students. She says if the Governor’s proposal for more aid per student survives the budget process the district will have a balanced budget and if not they could start out the school year with a $400,000 deficit.