“We Don’t Ride On The Back Of Fire Trucks Anymore” Says Retiring Fire Chief

It’s the last day on the job for Fond du Lac Fire Chief, Peter O’Leary, who is set to retire at the end of the day today.

O’Leary has been the Fond du Lac Fire Chief the past 13 years, and tells KFIZ News he’s ready.

” I feel as though, after 33 years as a career firefighter, I’ve done just about everything I could have hoped for.”

He said the timing is right.

“I’ve remained healthy. My family stuck with me. And I’ve been able to end my career in a place that has been just so welcoming to me and my family. This community has been special and it will remain special to me.”

O’Leary said a great many things have changed since he became a firefighter in 1979.

“I think fire fighter safety has become a lot better over those four decades. We were still riding on the back of fire engines. Not sitting down with a seat belt on. Those days are over. And it’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun. But it’s really dangerous.

There are also a couple of hobbies he’s hoping he can spend more time perfecting.

“I love to spend time on the barbeque, and I hope to continue to do that. I also hope to lower my handicap in golf.”

An Open House for Chief O’Leary is set to get underway at 10:30 Wednesday at Fire Station #1 located on South Main St.