Weather Looks Perfect For Walleye Weekend

The forecast looks fantastic for Walleye Weekend 2021, set to kick off Friday afternoon at LakesidePark in Fond du Lac.

Kelly Norton from Grande Cheese is one of the co-chairs for the event this year, and says all signs point to a great weekend. “It’s happening! Not being able to have Walleye Weekend last year, knowing that we have great weather ahead, that this has been in the community for over 40 years. It’s the perfect storm for having a really stellar event this weekend.”

Norton says not having Walleye Weekend last year was a blow to many. “Big time When you think about, I think the number I saw for 2019 was $267,000 raised by those service groups that they then use and regenerate those dollars back into our community. That in and of itself was a huge blow last year.” Norton also says it’s easy to find all the information for Walleye Weekend online. “You can find everything you need at

Walleye Weekend opens up Friday afternoon at 3 pm, and the event is free to get in.