What’s Next For Dog That Was Used In Teen’s Attack

What’s next for the dog that was used to attack a teen at a Campbellsport farm last August now that two men have been sentenced for the crime? The dog used in the crime against Joel Kennedy, Jr. has been in his own kind of prison since that incident. Fond du Lac Humane Society Shelter Manager Renee Webb says “Bubba” has been kept apart from other animals at the shelter and there have been stricter restrictions for him. She says they have taken measures to make sure he doesn’t go “kennel crazy.” She says “Bubba” is intelligent, affectionate and eager to please, which she says is how he was led into bad behavior. She says the dog was a victim himself of the incident. Webb says “Bubba” will be neutered and could be retrained. She says because of what happened they will have to be very selective about anyone who might consider adoption.