WI Attorney General Joins Bi-Partisan Group Working to Fight Illegal Robocalls

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has joined a
bipartisan group of 51 Attorney Generals and 12 phone companies that are
working together to fight illegal robocalls. The phone companies involved have
agreed to eight principals to fight those robocalls, and its hoped the
agreement will protect consumers from illegal calls and make it easier for
Attorney Generals across the country to investigate and prosecute those behind
the calls.


The phone companies will work to prevent robocalls by
implementing call-blocking technology at the network level, make additional
free call-blocking tools available to consumers, introduce technology that
authenticates that callers are coming from a valid source and monitor their
networks for robocall traffic. In addition, companies will assist with
anti-robocall enforcement by investigating and taking action against suspicious
callers and working with law enforcement to trace the origins of illegal

Phone companies involved in the agreement include AT&T, Bandwith,
CenturyLink, Charter, Comcast, Consolidated, Frontier, Sprint, T-Mobile, US
Cellular, Verizon and Windstream.