WI Average Gas Prices Even w/ National Average

 As we head into the first week of June, the average price
of a gallon of gas in Wisconsin is equal to the National Average, according to Triple-A.
As of Sunday night, both Wisconsin’s average and the national average were at
$2.81 per gallon. Drivers in Fond du Lac County were paying an average of $2.73
a gallon, with Dodge County seeing an average price of $2.75. Winnebago County
and Calumet County were slightly higher at $2.78 and $2.76, respectively. The
lowest average price in the state was found in Sheboygan County at $2.70, with
the highest price not too far away in Ozaukee County at $2.96.

On a national level, California had the highest average
price in the country at $3.95, Louisiana and Mississippi had the lowest at