WI Corn Growers President Reacts to Bud Light “Corn Syrup” Ad

(Wisconsin Radio Network)

Wisconsin Corn Growers President Doug Rebout says they’re
not all that amused, by a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial that featured a giant
keg of corn syrup. He’s disappointed Bud Light and parent company AB InBev
chose a stage like the Super Bowl for a negative message. “When they bash other
people or other products, it’s a lot like when agriculture or any industry
bashes someone else in their own industry, like organic versus conventional
farming. If you want to promote your product, great, but do it on the merit of
your own product without bashing someone else,” Rebout said.

The ad appealed to consumers who avoid high fructose corn
syrup, showing the giant keg of corn syrup being delivered to rival beer
makers. Bud Light doesn’t use the product in its brewing  process. Officials at Anheuser Busch could
not be reached for comment.