WI DHS Investigating Cases of Adenovirus on College Campuses in WI

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is investigating
multiple cases of Adenovirus infection on college campuses around the state. An
infection most commonly cases respiratory illness, and while serious illness
caused by the infection is rare, experts say in some cases it can lead to pneumonia
or death.

Health officials say Adenovirus is easily spread, and can
be passed from person to person by simply breathing in air after someone with
the infection has sneezed or coughed, or by touching or shaking hands with
someone with the virus, then putting your hands on your mouth, nose or eyes.

In addition to respiratory illness, symptoms of an
infection include Diarrhea, Pink eye and in rare cases – inflammation of the
bladder and severe neurological disease.

DHS says antibiotics do not work on the virus, and people
with symptoms should see a doctor, stay home from work and school and practice
good hygiene by washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes to avoid spreading
the disease to others.