WI DHS Offering Tips to “Fight the Bite” of Ticks & Mosquitoes

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has launched a statewide
“Fight the Bite” campaign to help people avoid being bitten by ticks and mosquitoes
this summer season. The most common diseases spread by these pests include Lyme
Disease, spread by ticks, and West Nile Virus, spread by mosquitoes. Over 3,100
cases of Lyme Disease were reported in Wisconsin in 2018, and.33 human cases of
West Nile Virus were reported in the state last year, according to DHS. Experts
say the steps to protect yourself from mosquito and tick bites are simple, and
include using repellent – such as DEET, wearing light colored, long-sleeved
shirts and long pants, checking for and safely removing ticks from yourself,
your family and your pets and controlling mosquitoes outside your home.

Learn more about how to “Fight the Bite” here