WI DOT Garners National Award For Bridge Rebuild

The Hwy 116 Bridge project in Winneconne took a little over a year to complete. And now almost two years after that project was finished, it has received a Quality of Life/Community Development Award for the rebuilding. That announcement was made by Craig Thompson, president of the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO). 

There were four states that received the awards. Thompson said “These award-winning projects truly demonstrate that innovative, well-planned transportation projects can have an enormous impact on our quality of life,” said Thompson, who is also Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation designee. “What’s especially impressive is how planners, designers and builders responded to the voices of local communities in building these projects.” The replacement of the bridge was designed to better accommodate vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and snowmobiles while also providing better and easier navigating for boat traffic. The original bridge was left intact during construction, which eliminated the need for a 25-mile detour.