WI Elections Commission, Local Clerks Working to Update Registered Voter Lists

Residents who may have received a postcard from the
Wisconsin Elections Commission over the last few months regarding their voter
registration have until today to return those cards to their municipal clerks
if they wish to remain an active voter. Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Frieberg explains
why those postcards are sent out. “It is by state statute that those postcards
do go out after every general election,” Freiberg said. “Our last general
election was in 2018, and for those folks it just says ‘hey, we realized you
haven’t voted in the last four years, do you want to remain as an active voter
or should we take you off?’” Frieberg says a good number of the cards come back
as returned mail, but there are some that do reply and say they wish to remain
active. She says the Elections Commission will post the number of people who
did not return the postcard, and that they will follow up with those people in
the county to see if they want to remain an active voter or not. Around 114,000
registered voters in the state were mailed those registration postcards in June.