WI Politicians Disagree On Build Back Better Plan

President Joe Biden’s social spending bill passed the House Friday morning, and Wisconsin’s delegation disagrees on how it’s paid for.

Republicans delayed the vote but Democrats pushed ahead on one of Biden’s key priorities. Wisconsin Democrat Mark Pocan calls the two trillion dollar bill “transformational” for American families. He says it’s paid for by the wealthy and corporations who have not paid their fair share of taxes.

Republican Scott Fitzgerald says that’s a lie, citing a Congressional Budget Office report that the Build Back Better package would add 367 billion dollars to the deficit over ten years. He calls it a boondoggle.

The House voted on the two trillion dollar bill after Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s eight hour delaying speech. Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher says “the war on common sense has reached a new low with this crazy bill.” He cites a Congressional Budget Office report that Build Back Better will add more than 360 billion to the deficit. Democrat Ron Kind promised it will create millions of good-paying jobs, lower costs for working families, and rebuild the middle-class backbone of our nation – all without adding to the deficit.