WI Politicians Split On Ukraine Assistance Package

Wisconsin’s congressional delegation split along party lines on package to keep the federal government operating and assist Ukraine.

The one-and-a-half trillion dollar p0ackage includes 14 billion in aid to Ukraine and other eastern European countries. House Armed Services Committee member, Green Bay Republican Mike Gallagher praised funding for the Pentagon and to bolster the U.S. defense posture in Europe, but criticized Democrats for failing to include provisions that would increase domestic oil and gas production.

Milwaukee Democrat Gwen Moore praised the bill for directing resources to things like health care, education, child hunger and climate change, but she said some areas got less than they deserved. Not everyone was on board with the latest effort in Congress to hit the Russian economy.

On Wednesday, the House passed a bill to allow a ban on imports of Russian oil, and approved additional sanctions in retaliation for Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

The bill received wide bipartisan support with just seventeen members voting against it. That included Wisconsin Republicans Tom Tiffany and Glen Grothman and Minnesota Democrat, Ilhan Omar.

In a tweet, Tiffany blamed gas price hikes on what he called President Joe Bidens’s “budget busting spending and anti-energy agenda. “ Grothman called for expanding domestic oil and gas production