WI Taxpayers on the hook for almost $800,000 in political expenses

To many, it’s considered a salary increase. To others, it’s part of doing the work that is expected,for the people they represent. No matter how you slice it, expenses cost Wisconsin taxpayers close to  $800,000 last year, and in many cases, those expenses don’t require a receipt to prove the expense. 9 lawmakers along took in over $10,000 in expenses each, with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald leading the way with $14,960 in expense payments received. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma and Fred Risser from Madison, Senate Democrats, received $12,650 and $11,600 respectively. According to Risser, the expense payments are an increase in salary. Most legislators in the Assembly now receive up to $162 daily for overnight stays and $81 for single-day visits. The Senate allowe $115 per day. One other loop hole allows for Wisconsin’s legislators to pocket any of the payments that don’t toward their expenses and are not required to justify their claims with receipts.