WI Taxpayers See More Property Tax Relief Thanks to Lottery Sales

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue says homeowners in the
state received a larger “Lottery and Gaming Credit” on their property tax bills
this month than this time last year. Officials say the increase averages around
$24, and is due primarily to lottery sales exceeding estimates. The corresponding
Lottery and Gaming Credit in 2018-19 was $160.

The credit is shown on tax bills as a reduction of property
taxes due. For a homeowner who pays their property taxes in two or more
installments, the credit is applied to the first installment.

A news release says the Lottery Credit distributed more
than $271 million to Wisconsin homeowners for property taxes levied this year.
Last year, that figure was $236 million. In total, over $4.6 billion in
property tax relief has been passed on to homeowners since 1988.