Wife Of FDL Man Says He Thought He Might Die On Everest

The wife of a Fond du Lac man climbing Mt. Everest says he wouldn’t admit it to her, but he thought he was going to die during the earthquake in Nepal. Mary Sue Land says her husband Andy wouldn’t say that on the phone with her, but told their son Matthew he really thought he was going to die. She says God must have another plan for her husband. She says she’s gone through a flood of emotions since learning he was his safe. Andy Land and his team were at Camp 1, about 20,000 feet up, when the quake caused an avalanche hitting the base camp below them. He felt the ground shake and heard it. Andy is a hospice nurse and Mary Sue says the injuries he saw in the base camp were very serious. There are about 1,000 tents in base camp. Mary Sue says when Andy gets home depends on the damage the quake caused in the valley below. She says if things go right it will be at least a four-day climb down the mountain.