Will Chase Suspect Be Charged As A Juvenile Or Adult

An official with the Fond du Lac Police Department says it’s up to the District Attorney’s office and juvenile authorities whether to charge a 16-year-old Milwaukee boy who endangered lives during a high speed chase in the City as a juvenile or adult. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says the boy committed some serious crimes beginning with a carjacking in the City of Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon. He says an utter disregard was shown for human life with the suspect slamming into two squad cars, speeding through town and causing an accident near the end of the chase. Its estimated speeds reached more than 80 miles an hour on the very eastern edge of town heading towards the City limits. He says no one was hurt, which is fortunate. Klein says stop sticks were put down twice, but they didn’t seem to have any effect. He says tires on the stolen vehicle may have been deflated at the end of the pursuit when the teen hit a curb, a sign, light post and some trees. A police dog caught the boy as he tried to flee from the crash scene on foot. Fond du Lac Police Department photos.