Will It Stay…Or Will It Go? Lakeside Park Master Plan On Council Agenda Tonight

After years of discussion and planning, it all comes to a head tonight. The Lakeside Master Plan will either get the green light or the pause button as the Fond du Lac City Council takes up the matter in their regularly scheduled meeting. The plan was rolled out back in February, but since then there have been some modifications, along with a group of local businesses who have stepped up to donate $5 million, in hopes of adding a multi-purpose building at the Lighthouse peninsula. 

Supporters of the plan say the complex and its location would be a welcome addition to the park, drawing locals and visitors alike in bigger numbers, and adding revenue to the city and much needed attractions that would assist in attracting new hires to the area, and retaining current employees. Residents opposed to the idea say they don’t want a structure that size sitting on a prime piece of public real estate, and definitely don’t want it to be run by a private entity. Council is likely to hear from both sides one final time tonight, before deciding if they will halt construction in the park until a feasibility study is done. They could also decide to send the matter to referendum. The meeting is set to start at 6:00 p.m.