Will Returned As Ripon Mayor Streetar Next NFDL Village Board President

Ripon Mayor Gary Will won a new term Tuesday. He defeated challengers Craig Tebon and Jason Kauffeld. Will says if voters didn’t want him back the voting would have reflected that. He says, “You run on your record and you throw out your positions and if the people like it they vote you back in they don’t your not the man for them and either way is fine that is how democracy works.” Meanwhile in the Village of North Fond du Lac long-time Village Trustees Mike Streetar and Keith King faced each other for the Village Board Presidency. Streetar received 411 votes to King’s 255. Streetar says, “I’m really honored that folks put their trust in me to you know to continue to lead in the Village in a different role you know so I mean that’s really important I mean this is you know just huge so I appreciate everybody coming out.” Streetar will succeed Jim Moore as Village Board President.