Winter Weather Awareness Week Continues

Winter Weather Awareness Week continues in Wisconsin, and while
we are definitely “aware” of winter weather after more snow has fallen this
week, emergency management officials continue to spread the word about winter
weather hazards and how to prepare for them. Fond du Lac County Communications
and Emergency Management Director Bobbi Hicken says its important to prepare
for winter weather, especially if you have to travel in it. “People definitely
need to have a plan and make sure they are prepared if they are going out in
the winter weather,” Hicken said. “They almost have to plan to break down – and
make sure that if you break down you know you’re going to need blankets, you’re
going to need extra water – that kind of thing – that stuff needs to be in your
vehicle all winter long.” Hicken adds that having an emergency kit ready for
your home is also important in the event of a power outage due to a severe
winter storm.

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