Wisconsin DATCP Partnering with Retail Groups to Help Stop on Gift Card Scammers

The Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection is partnering with Walmart and several retail industry groups on a program to stop people from falling victim to gift card scammers.

Michelle Reinen with DATCP tells KFIZ News the program gives Wisconsin retailers, grocery stores and convenience stores with free signs to display on their gift card areas-  to serve as a reminder to only purchase a gift card for a legitimate reason – not to pay a scammer.

“If it’s for a birthday present, anniversary gift, holiday gift – great,” Reinen said. “But if it’s to pay a bill, because someone called you and demanded you make this payment, pay your taxes, you’re delinquent and the IRS has called and said ‘get that Apple gift card’ – well, no, stop in your tracks, don’t do this, and call consumer protection.”

Those signs will also list Wisconsin’s consumer protection hotline number so people can call and report a scam right from the store.

Businesses interested in getting signage for their store can call that hotline number at 800-422-7128, or can send an email to [email protected].