Wisconsin Humane Society Takes In 62 Beagles

On July 21, 2022, an animal rescue operation took place at Envigo RMS LLC’s facility in Cumberland, Virginia, which bred dogs to be sold to laboratories for animal experimentation.

The Humane Society of the United States and several shelter and rescue partners took part in this enormous rescue which removed around 4000 beagles.

62 of these dogs, 53 puppies and 9 adult mothers have made their way to Wisconsin via the Wisconsin Humane Society.

According to a statement from WHS, they are all in foster homes in south east Wisconsin at this time. They’ll need medical examinations, socialization, proper diet, any necessary veterinary treatments, and more before they’ll be ready to find new loving homes.

The Humane Society is asking for any donations that may help in this process.

You can go to https://bit.ly/Beagles2022 if you wish to help out.