Wisconsin Receives “D” Grade For Social Distancing

It probably won’t surprise many residents in the state, that when it comes to heeding the public health warnings, Wisconsin is only able to muster a “D” when it comes to social distancing. In fact, according to a new survey, people are out and about as much now, as they were back in March.

The company is Unacast, and they grade each state on how well the residents avoid gatherings and travel since the pandemic was announced. UW-Madison researchers are also tracking movement, provided by various vendors who track location based on mobile apps, and their data has also proven to mirror the Unacast info.

According to the data provided to UW-Madison, residents in the state minimized travel and reduced their social circle greatly in the early months of the pandemic, but that all changed once September rolled in. UW-Madison researchers said the average travel distance at the end of October was roughly seven miles, compared to less than a mile during Gov. Evers’ Safer At Home order.