Wisconsin Sees Slight Dip in Smoking Rate

New data is showing statewide efforts to reduce smoking
rates are paying off – as Wisconsin’s smoking rate fell to 16-percent in 2017
after several years at 17-percent. 

The Department of Health Services Behavioral
Risk Factor Surveillance System survey showed one of the biggest reductions in
the 35-44 year old range, where it fell five-percent to 19-percent in 2017.
There are also signs that smoking rates may be starting to drop for some groups
that have higher rates, like African Americans and people on Medicaid. 

there is still work to be done, as E-cigarette use is on the rise. The survey
shows 46-percent of Wisconsin adults who use
e-cigarettes also smoke regular cigarettes, and 39-percent who use smokeless
tobacco also smoke cigarettes. 

Some groups remain at increased risk for tobacco
use and related health problems – including individuals earning less than
$24,999 and those with less than a high school degree – where smoking rates are
29% and 28% respectively. Those diagnosed with depression are another high-rate
group with 28%.